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Kiss me in the graveyard.
I know it may sound strange
But I assure you, you’ll like it,
Though it appears deranged.

Touch your lips softly to mine,
As we sit here alone.
You’ll soon forget, within due time,
That this is where ghosts roam.

Kiss me in the graveyard
While you hold onto me.
Think not of corpses buried here
Beneath the dying trees.

Fear not the sound of gusting wind,
The feel of ice-cold rain,
Nor the sight of ghouls and spooks
As they rise once again.

I know I may not smell too sweet,
My eye sockets black holes.
Please don’t mind my hanging flesh
And my lack of a soul.

Just kiss me in the graveyard.
Say that you’ll stay with me.
For I’m your rotting lover, now
And for eternity!
A little poem I wrote while bored one day. :3 Enjoy!~
love4puppi Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student General Artist
D'awh this is so cute x3
lily12applepie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
love it! very creative and sweet poem :heart:
i think it's very romantic but also a bit disturbing, just how i like them :D
good job making it rime like that! must have been hard..
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